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Cold plasma technology

Plasma is the fourth state of matter. It was first discovered by W. Crookes in 1879. When a substance is strongly heated, atomic bonds are broken, and positive ions together with electrons form a mixture of ionized gas, which is called plasma. It turns out that a cocktail of active plasma particles has a pronounced antibacterial effect. In addition, plasma can accelerate many chemical reactions.


Telemedicine is the medicine of the future. Today, the main problem of the “Patient-Doctor” system has been solved by us. This is the problem of obtaining objective data about the patient's condition and their interpretation. The main thing for obtaining objective data and transmitting it in telemedicine is a personal specialized bracelet or a wearable module. Data processing algorithms developed in space medicine also make it possible to predict the nearest human condition.

Technologies in the energy sector and other research

Alternative energy sources in the form of solar panels with increased efficiency, generation of electricity due to wind energy by screws of a fundamentally new design with increased efficiency. Alternative developments (in the process of research) - ruby energy. Research in the field of building a 3D protein structure, etc.

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